Contact: Kyle Martin, General Manager

Kyle "Andrew" Martin
Geospatial Computer Scientist, General Manager of Mosaicsgis

Kyle Martin is a geospatial computer scientist with 13 years of experience in the geospatial industry. He specializes in computational geometry with particular emphasis in high performance point cloud computing. Kyle's work with point clouds range from the development of core point cloud access engines, filtering and extraction algorithms, to the rendering of point clouds. Kyle's experience also includes gis and database software development within all of the major geospatial and database platforms.

Kyle earned a BS and MS in natural resources from North Carolina State University. His graduate thesis entitled "Relating wind damage from hurricanes to quantitative measures of landscape position and landform" introduced Kyle to programming and computational geometry. In the years thereafter, he taught himself to program in several languages as well as develop a deep knowledge and understanding of spatial sciences particularly within the GIS (geographic information systems) and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) disciplines.

In 2001, Kyle started performing consulting services ranging from gis application development to computational geometry algorithms. In 2005, Kyle founded a company named QCoherent Software and became the first to productively render and use point clouds within the ESRI ArcGIS platform. The product named LP360 quickly became popular within the industry, and eventually was purchased by Geocue Corporation in 2009. LP360, remains today as the only feasible method for use of point clouds in ArcGIS which includes continuing efforts by ESRI, the company who makes ArcGIS! In 2008, Kyle was also the first to deploy and distribute LIDAR data over the internet via a WMS (web mapping system) and custom protocol called LIDAR Server.

Currently, Kyle is developing algorithms for dynamic 4D volumetric calculations and analysis in electronic warfare systems used in mission planning, and on board attack aircraft.He is also continuing the development and research of point cloud engines that can be used to build robust and high performing point cloud applications, as well as potential deployment to server-client architectures in the future.

Kyle enjoys reading, learning anything new in mathematics, and wilderness photography for which I am on sabbatical from to spend time with my son, Thad and my daughter, Estee.

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