GeoSpatial Software Development Kit

To use my extensive geospatial knowledge well, I have accumulated a collection of spatial related objects into a software package that is currently being used to develop robust geospatial applications. The library is currently being used in desktop and mobile applications, and currently will yield a very high performance and robust application in the right circumstances. The library is built in C++, and compiles for windows platforms. Other platforms such as Unix/Linux or an SDK in .Net can be available on a project by project basis.

The library is very much an on-going project and may not be the right fit for everyone. To fund the building of this library, I have been able to procure contracts to build applications on top of the library which has allowed me to continue improving the library. If you have a geospatial application needs, and are interested in using the software development kit or have questions, please contact me directly.

Appropriate \ Current Applications
The following is a list of applications or industries that are currently using and/or are prime applications of the GeoSpatial Software Development Kit.
  • Field Based Data Collection: database collection and maintenance applications that involve creating new or updating existing information in the field. These applications generally integrate with GPS, and/or camera devices. The following highlights industries that particularly make use of these types of applications:

    • Utilities and Infrastructure: electric (telephone and power poles), water, and sewer

    • Forestry and Natural Resources: forest inventories, water resource monitoring

  • Report Generation: ability to create frequently requested and custom reports that integrate both spatial and attribute queries from geospatial databases

  • Database Synchronization: applications that synchronize or merge field collected data with a master database

  • Field Based Data Collection Preparation: applications that automate the preparation of projects for field data collection

  • Auditing Applications for Project Management: applications for management staff to audit field data collections

Map with Sanitary Manholes

Map with Tax Parcels with annotations created on the fly

Notable Features
The following are features of interest in the GeoSpatial Software Development Kit. The list is NOT exhaustive.
  • Read and Write Shapefiles
    • Query features from shapefiles with spatial and/or attribute queries (i.e., SQL syntax)
    • Create new shapefiles
    • Add and Delete features
    • Modify attributes of features
    • Supports the prj file for spatial reference information
    • Uses spatial indexing for efficient retrieval of features

  • All vector and raster formats supported by GDAL are supported

  • Vector and Raster Layer classes: encapsulates the vector and raster databases for display of data in a map class

  • Renderer classes: single symbol, unique value, value range, color stretch, and RGB renderers for the display of vector and raster data

  • Symbols: basic marker, line and polygon symbology classes are included in the SDK. There is a picture based marker symbol class that allows for the use of images as symbols for developing specialized maps such as electric, water, or sewer maps.

  • Labeling: basic data bound labeling of features, with options to control the font, and text color

  • OpenGL Display: the SDK currently contains a display class implemented on OpenGL with hardware accelerated drawing if available.

  • GPS driver class for integration with a gps device

  • Coarse grained classes: classes exist in the SDK to maximum code reuse from application to application (handles all display, and basic tool implementations). The SDK is designed so that applications can be developed quickly without the compromise of a robust and fast geospatial application.

Utility Map on Mobile Device

GPS integration into mobile application

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